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Jot+ Notes 4.0

Jot+ Notes is a complete application for taking notes

Jot+ Notes is a complete application for taking notes that allows you to store any sort of information in a comfortable and easy-to-find way. The application uses a simple interface divided in panels organizing notes in a tree-like fashion and offers numerous features to personalize your notes.

To the right of the screen the application shows you the notes list and gives you the chance of creating as many notes and subnotes as you need. You can sort your notes in the tree alphabetically, by date, numerically, or simply by dragging and dropping items in the list in any order. If you right-click on a note title you will see options to add a new note, rename, delete, highlight important notes, etc. The 'properties' option holds other interesting features as well; you can choose an icon that represents a note's content or importance, change the font and color, highlight notes, and more.

According to its developers, each note can hold up to 1 million characters, what should give you enough freedom to store ideas, recipes, entries for a diary, whatever use you want to make of the app. The application supports rich text so you can create bright, lively notes using different fonts, colors, styles, and even background colors. And if you use a certain style quite often, you can use the StyleMacro to apply your favorite styles automatically. Notes can be further enriched by adding attachments and pictures that will be inserted in the body of your note. If you paste or type a URL in a note, it will automatically turn into a link that will be opened with your favorite browser.

Additional features include a wordcounter, backup, shortcuts, and the possibility of extending the program functionality by means of plugins.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very easy to use
  • Organizes info in a way that is easy to find
  • Lots of features to personalize your notes
  • Shortcuts


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